The magical art of Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography Sessions capture those fleeting moments of a brand new baby. Flaky skin, tiny fingers and toes and that sweet newborn scrunch they do when you pick them up. Being a mum myself, I really do know how magical this time is, and how quick time passes by!

I follow a very simple style of newborn photography, baby-led, neutral colours and minimal fuss. It’s all about you, and your baby.

Often, coming to my studio will be one of the first trips out the house for new parents, so I want you to feel as relaxed as possible. I totally get you will be shattered, and still be adjusting to your new little person, which is why I create a completely laid back atmosphere during your session.

Day by day, your tiny baby will change, become more alert and start to take in the world around him. I promise to capture images that make your heart sing. If you’re newborn is a bit older and you’ve only just thought about having photos done, it’s never too late! Have a look at my older baby photography to see what the next chapter looks like,

newborn photography brighton
newborn photography in brighton
newborn photography brighton

Fuzzy hair and tiny toes

newborn photography brighton

They will never be this little again.

Lets capture the details that you soak up every day whilst watching them grow.

newborn photography in brighton


I tend to recommend booking just after you’ve had your 20 week scan, and then your due date will go in my diary.  If you book too late, or after baby has arrived, there’s a chance I wont be able to fit you in whilst they are within the ideal age range of under 2 weeks. 

My newborn sessions are very relaxed, and we go at your babies pace. My style is minimal, using natural colours, mainly white. Sessions are baby-led, starting with natural photos of them in their little white vests, moving onto some swaddled shots.  If there are any big brothers or sisters, I will happily include them for some sibling images. I love parent and family photos too, and tend to do these at the start of the session. There’s a lovely little play park for little ones just round the corner from the studio. I do very little posing, preferring to capture your newborn just as they are. 

Once baby has arrived, drop me a quick message as soon as you can, and we can schedule your session. Ideally these take place within the first 5-14 days, so we will discuss dates and get your newborn session booked in. Have a read of a recent blog post for an idea of what goes on in the studio.

Most parents can expect to be at the studio for 2 hours. We can’t rush these little newborns, so the sessions are completely baby-led.  I allow plenty of time for feeding and comforting. It’s quite often your first time out of the house as a new family, so I aim to make your session as relaxed as possible. I do very little posing, which makes the sessions a much more calming experience.

Although I can’t guarantee I will have space, it’s always worth messaging me to see if I can fit you in last minute. I have a limit of how many due dates I book in each month, which allows flexibility in the diary to schedule the sessions once the newborns arrive – so sometimes I have gaps in the diary for babies that have already arrived. 

Safety is paramount during my newborn sessions, and is the number one priority. I will be handling and posing your baby gently, with the upmost care, and most importantly, safely. I have trained with 2 top photographers, in both the UK, and the US, and although this is not a requirement to be a newborn photographer, I feel it was a very important part of my journey over the last 14 years, as well as being fully insured. Also, having had 4 babies myself, I have my own personal experience of these tiny humans, and what it’s like to feel like a sleep deprived, but euphoric new mama! 


For my full pricing guide, drop me a message and I’ll send it right over to your inbox!