Smiles and Giggles

Older Baby Sessions mark all those exciting milestones between birth and their first Birthday. Your baby is really starting to get their own little personality now.  At this age they are normally full of smiles,  and happy to interact with strangers, which makes my job so much fun as I capture all their different expressions. It’s a really exciting age.

My favourite stage during their first year is the ‘sitter’ stage! They are probably stating to eat real food, cutting their first tooth, sleeping through the night (maybe!) and rocking on their hands and knees preparing to crawl…. but most importantly they have learnt to sit up!            

I’ve been a baby photographer in Brighton for many years now, nestled away in the village of East Hoathly, and older babies are such a brilliant age to photograph. The session mainly consists of lots of playing, and I’ve got some gorgeous wooden toys including some from Dottie Maie – the little white mouse in a favourite!

You are also welcome to be fully involved in the photo session, and any brothers or sister, so you can update your family photos before the next big milestone. (yep, I am talking about their first birthday!)

baby photographer brighton
baby photography in brighton
baby photography brighton

Chubby thighs and gummy smiles

baby photographer brighton

Their fun and giggly personalities are the sweetest.

Play and have fun in the studio whilst I document it for you.

baby photographer brighton


The best age is once your baby can safely sit unaided, and before they are crawling, so this could be anywhere between 6-9 months typically.

Partners and siblings are always more than welcome, and although the session is mainly for baby, I am always happy to include the whole family!

I tend to go at babies pace, buy typically an older baby session will last around 45-60 minutes. I find after this period of time they are normally well and truly done and starting to get tired, so around an hour is just about right.