Awake newborn baby starting at the camera

Newborn Photography

Pure and Simple Uckfield Photographer

Welcome to my favourite thing – newborn photography, where simplicity and purity are at the heart of every image I capture. As an Uckfield photographer, I am passionate about documenting the tender moments of your newborn’s first days with a style that is both timeless and elegant.

Wide awake newborn boy looking into the camera

The Essence of Newborn Photography with Leanne, Uckfield Photographer

Newborn photography is a delicate art. It’s not just about capturing images; it’s about preserving the pure essence of a new life. The soft, delicate features, the tiny hands and feet, and the serene expressions are moments that pass by all too quickly. My aim is to create simple, beautiful images that reflect the purity of these early days, giving you memories that will last a lifetime.

Close up shot of mum holding newborn baby feet

Preparing for Your Newborn Session – Uckfield Photographer

1. Timing is Key

The ideal time for a newborn photo session is within the first two weeks of life. I find the sweet spot is around 12 days old! During this small window, babies are typically sleepier and more adaptable, allowing me to create those gorgeous, curled-up natural poses. This is also when they have that fresh newborn look that we all adore.

2. Creating a Cozy Environment

A comfortable baby is a happy baby, and a happy baby makes for the best photos. My studio is designed to be warm and inviting, with soft, neutral tones that provide the perfect backdrop for your newborn. Gentle lighting and soothing sounds create a calming atmosphere, ensuring your baby feels safe and content. One of the things I use in the studio is a Baby Shusher, which I think many new parents go on to buy for themselves!

3. Prioritising Safety

Your baby’s safety is my top priority. Every pose and prop is carefully selected and arranged with your baby’s comfort and safety in mind. You can trust that your little one is in gentle and experienced hands throughout the session. I’ve 14 years experience as an Uckfield photographer, with 12 of those years specialising in newborns. You’re in safe hands!

Mum, dad and child surrounding newborn baby on a white beanbag.

Capturing Pure and Simple Moments

1. Natural, Unposed Beauty

While I love classic newborn poses, I also cherish capturing natural, unposed moments. A yawn, a stretch, or a peaceful nap can be incredibly beautiful. These candid shots often become the most treasured images.

2. Focusing on Details

The smallest details can create the most profound memories. Close-up shots of your baby’s hands, feet, and eyelashes highlight the delicate beauty of your newborn. These fleeting details are what make your baby unique, and capturing them preserves a special part of their early days.

3. Including Family

Newborn photography isn’t just about the baby; it’s about celebrating the entire family. Including parents and siblings in the session adds depth and emotion to the images, showcasing the love and bond that surrounds your new arrival.

Sleeping newborn wearing knitted dungarees.

Newborn photography is about capturing the pure and simple beauty of your baby’s early days. I strive to create images that are timeless and elegant, reflecting the love and newborn bubble of this special time. By focusing on simplicity and purity, we can create beautiful memories that I know you make your heart sing forever.

If you’re looking to capture the pure and simple beauty of your newborn’s early days, I would be honoured to help. Let’s create timeless memories together.